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L’Aventure. Récits de voyage

VR 360, creative documentary

L’Aventure. Récits de voyage” is a 360° creative documentary, a project that reflects about migrants and their trip from home to Europe, focusing on the microcosm of Mali people in Turin, Italy: malianian migrants talks about their migration experience inserted in landscapes and situations of their own country. That idea started from a collaboration with an Italian NGO called “Engim Internazionale” in a project called “Proteja”.

In this video I worked with 360° images and videos, shoot in Mali and Italy and mixed, also with audio and video interviews I made with many persons that came from Mali. The result is visionary and extremely interesting, you can hear and watch people counting their stories in some different scenarios, some full of life and others almost abandoned, and hear directly by them words something about their trip. Trip can be extremely long, painful and dangerous.

Tis project is done with the precious collaboration of Andrea De Georgio (interviews in Italy), Michele Cattani (video 360 in Mali) and Francesco Cretti (music). Also, I’d like to thank people talked to me, letting me know their stories, at least just a bit, due to the complexity and the force of the situation: in random order are Bako Sissoko, Yacouba Kone, Kanda Kouyate, Mariam Cissé, Oumar Sanogo, Nomago Haly, Diane Soumaila, Moussa Kanti, Genevra Coulibaly and Kekoto Coulibaly.

Stay tuned!