Cucino la tua Storia

Cucino la tua Storia (Cooking your Story) is a particular work made with a group of friend┬áthat involves photo, video, cooking and interviewing people.┬áIn this work, we decided to […]


Apnea explores the dimension of the emotions of migrants who venture out to cross the sea. Apnea proposes an inner itinerary that we can all recognise: a cartography of feelings […]


Nomadi was an opera curated by the artist Ali Zaidi with Officine Sintetiche and a team students from DAMS and Polytechnic of Turin in in a multi disciplinary environment, and […]

Organic Arch-Live

Organic Arc Live is an interactive installation made expressly for an interesting museum in Turin named PAV – Parco d’Arte Vivente. The goal of the installation is to refresh the […]


Specchi is composed by two interactive┬ávideo installation, both “reflecting” about┬áthe mirror metaphore, and was exhibithed at Festival della Scienza in Genova, 2006, in an exhibit curated by Simona Morini, in […] is an interactive installation focused on people heartbeat, rich of cultural, symbolic and of course biological meanings. In real time, people heartbeat can influence the ambient, modifying audio, video […]