Brain Cancer VR Experience: a witness

In the shoes of… Armando. This project starts from a real situation in which a close friend of me was, more than one year ago: he discovered in his brain […]


Starting from September 2018 until March 2019 I worked in one of the most interesting project I ever did: a VR movie shot in an italian prison, with a very […]

Senegal Detour

I’m proud to share this new VR project: I worked on it during last 6months! Senegal Detour is a 360 VR experience about climate change, environment and agricolture in Senegal. […]

L’Aventure. Récits de voyage

“L’Aventure. Récits de voyage” is project that reflects about migrants and their trip from home to Europe, focusing on the microcosm of Mali people in Turin, Italy: malianian migrants talks about their […]


Apnea explores the dimension of the emotions of migrants who venture out to cross the sea. Apnea proposes an inner itinerary that we can all recognise: a cartography of feelings […]