Brain Cancer VR Experience: a witness

In the shoes of… Armando.

This project starts from a real situation in which a close friend of me was, more than one year ago: he discovered in his brain a cancer, and after a surgery and chemio an radio therapy, his life changed totally. With Luigi Corazza we had the idea of this project: we wanted to use the strong potential of VR to let people know exactly how can feel a person after this, in which even your perception are different than before. This work is enriched by the really interesting work on audio made by Francesco Cretti.

A brain cancer cause of course many problems to a person, but also his visual perception after the illness, two surgery, chemio and radio therapy is changed. His visus is changed. Armando is a comics writer and a graphic designer and his visual perception is damaged and reduced also his professional life is changed, more difficult,  and had to be re-imagined.

Now Armando is working on many interesting project and has published a very impressive book about his experience, a graphic novel called “Un’arancia nella testa” available here on Amazon.

Here there’s Armando website: here and also a new project he’s involved, Agricolori.