Specchi is composed by two interactive video installation, both “reflecting” about the mirror metaphore, and was exhibithed at Festival della Scienza in Genova, 2006, in an exhibit curated by Simona Morini, in the prestigious location of Palazzo della Borsa.

The first, Delayed Mirror (Specchio Ritardato) is an interactive video installation that plays with mirroring people in different time, allowing people to observe his own back.
The idea in the second video installation is letting people discovering his own face, showing differences between the two sides: this is “Symmetric Face” (Viso Simmetrico).

Technology: CCTV camera, Isadora.

More info here: http://www.mentelocale.it/magazine/articoli/16405-in-mostra-l-identita-allo-specchio-2.htm